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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Generator
As the electricity prices are increasing day by day, people are compelled to use other alternative ways to acquire electricity. The huge amount of electricity bills has very adverse effects on people's budget and they are trying to get rid from the clutches of electric power companies. These electric power companies are charging their customers high because of constant increase in fuel prices around the world. Due to this problem, people are moving towards other solutions to solve their problems. These solutions include the usage of cheap alternative energy resources for electricity production. These resources include, wind power, turbine energy, solar panel energy and magnetic generator for electricity production. Among them, the wind power turbine energy and solar panel energy requires huge initial investment. On the other hand, a magnetic electricity generator can be made yourself. In the next few lines, I am going to tell you that how to make your own magnetic generator.

There are several benefits and advantages of homemade magnetic generator. It will help you in reducing your electricity bill. It is sound proof and does not make any type of noise which can increase environmental pollution. It is eco friendly because it does not produce any type of pollutants. Unlike wind or solar energy, it can work in any type of weather settings where as the former one, needs to be operated in specific settings. You can use it anywhere at picnic spot, camp fire etc where as the other alternative resources are fixed and cannot change their position. A magnetic generator needs shaft, turbines, motor and most importantly magnets. You do not have to worry about materials because they are easily available in the market. It is necessary to follow detailed directions in order to make your first magnetic electricity generator in two days.

It is worth to note that for ordinary generators it is impossible to produce free electricity. If we talk about generators other than magnetic generator, then these generators use some kind of liquid fuel like petrol, diesel or gas in order to work. But magnetic electricity generators do not have this mechanism because large amount of magnetism is always there, which enables shaft and turbine to work smoothly without using any additional and external energy as input .The motor having the advantage of the repulsive force and the other most important, the attraction properties of the magnets to produce electricity. This generator is very easy and safe to use because it cannot be combusted or can't catch fire. The devices used in making magnetic generator are emissions and radiations-free, that is why you do not have to worry about pollutants or the toxic fumes which other generators produce more often.

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